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Monday, April 9, 2012

Inga's Birthday and Earl's Birthday

Just thought I'd show you the card I made for Inga's birthday and the little purse to match it.  

The card is CASED from Debbie Henderson:  http://www.debbiesdesignsblog.blogspot.com/

And then I made the little purse to match.  It's a cinch with the Petite Purses die!  Filled it with Hershey's nuggets.  It holds four - maybe five.

Trey ordered a designer cake for Inga.  She loves purses (and shoes, but this was a purse day), pink, zebra print, and polka dots. 

Trey and Inga -- Happy Birthday, Inga!

Earl had a birthday too several days before Inga's.
Happy Birthday, Earl!

The cake had to stay on the carrier base - that icing is messy!

Earl had decided several days before that  he wanted to provide entertainment.   After a trip to Walgreens for eggs and candy and raiding his change coffers, he had filled plastic eggs with pocket change (which we used to do and hide them around the house when the kids were younger but not little, little) and Hershey eggs.  We thought just Candi, Trey and Inga would want to hunt eggs (and we weren't sure about them - except for Candi who still, she says, has Mark hide them for her each year at home).  Lo and behold, it was the excitement of the day -- Earl's Mom and his brother Rick and Rick's wife Carolyn could hardly wait for Earl and I to get the eggs hidden in the back yard.



 I (Helen) hid that egg.  I thought the end of the gutter was a great hiding place.  It did take him a few minutes to find that one.

And then it was inside to count the booty - and divide the change and the candy into separate piles!



Carolyn, Rick, and Trey

Candi and ??

On the way to Life Group ...

Tuesday, March 13, 2012 at 5:08 pm.  We were on the way to Life Group and had just had a rain shower.

Susan - I'm looking back to find the end of the rainbow - it looks like it might be in the field across from your subdivision!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

HE IS RISEN -- Happy Easter

Found this tonight as I started to read my emails and look at the blogs in some of them.  
To get full screen, scroll further down and click on the youtube address.  Then, on the toolbar at the bottom you can click on the brackets at the bottom far right.  Oh -- and if you click on the picture below to play rather than the address further below - you will need to go to the my playlist and turn it off or you will have music from both playing.

He IS Risen, indeed!

I couldn't get it to go full screen.   Was able to do that when I was watching the other person's blog.
Maybe this will take you where you can watch it full screen. 
If not, the title of the song is Alive! by Natalie Grant