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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Sock Bouquet

This is the sock bouquet Candi gave me for my birthday. Just wanted to share with you this creative idea for presenting a present of socks! I thought it was pretty neat.

I now have lots of coral, purple/lavender, and white socks! This is 10 pairs of socks, each separate sock made into a rose bud.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Leftover Packets

Ok -- these are cards that I have leftover packets if you would like to make some of these. If so, please email me back with choices and indicate choice 1, 2, 3 and so on. On some of them, I've put the number of packets I have in parentheses. Also, if someone has already indicated they would like to make a card, I've put their name under it. (No indication of 1, 2, 3 for them cause I am just now asking for that.)

1. Season of Simple Grace (5) Sally G., Susan's friend Jan

2. Soft Suede Thanksgiving (5) Sally G.

3. Easter Trio Punch Cross

4. Fourth of July Thinking of You - not this picture. Already stamped, not assembled.

5. Fourth of July Celebrate (4) Already stamped, not assembled

6. Fourth of July Double Swirly (4) Already stamped, not assembled

7. Fourth of July fireworks (4)

8. Holy Triptych Kraft ribbon (9)

9. Pocket Silhouette Thanks (no packets, but simple enough I can get it together easy - and there are 4 different silhouette flowers I used on different cards)

10. Reinker Spread (3) Sally G.

11. Beginner workshop card (9)

12. Fourth of July Simply Said Stars

13. Rock and Roll (have a bag of pieces -- will have to see if have all of them if anyone interested.)

14. Wedding Verse short black ribbon (7)

15. Shirt from Envelope (10)

Spiral pop up inside is above -- the front is below.

16. Spiral Pop Up Card (10) Jayne H.

17. Large white flower (7) Sally G.

18. Criss Cross Christmas PJ (4) Sally G.

20. Manhattan Embossing Folder Vellum (several - easy to get more together) Sally G.

21. Hidden Message Card (7)

22. Faux Cloisonne (3)

23. Dasher Red and White (7) Susan's friend Jan

24. Wiper Card (5)

25. Crayon Resist pine cone (5)

26. Bleach Dusty Durango Thanks (3?) -- all top note pieces already bleached. More top note pieces than packets.

27. Baroque Birthday (2) Sally

28. Seersucker Petals (8)

29. Christmas wrought iron punch