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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Scrapbook Pages - First Venture

This was my first venture into My Digital Studio.   I've been taking some classes and learned a number of things since I did these classes, most notably the use of photo boxes and using the shadow effect so that the images would like more like 3-D. 
All non photo images and embellishments are Stampin' Up!

One of the things I've learned from looking at other people's scrapbooking is to take pictures and scrapbook the everyday things.  That is my objective.   I've just got to learn to take more pictures - there are a couple of times I've come home and wished I had taken pictures.  I am carrying the camera in my pocketbook now, so I am almost there.   Just gotta get it out of the pocketbook!  One of the people I took a lesson from does a scrapbook page just about every day - like before she goes to bed at night.  Of the little everyday things her kids do -- like one page was about the way her 3 year old pronounced different words or cute little things he said.   With My Digital Studio one doesn't have to get out supplies and adhesive, etc. and one doesn't have the storage challenges with all the scrapbooking supplies!  And if you wished, you could make multiple copies of a scrapbook page. Like I printed all these pages off for me.  I could go back and print Trey/Inga's for them and Candi/Mark's for them.  Or say I wanted to bring them into a photo album or calendar  I was doing later for them - I could just import these project pages into the new project. 

Trey's birthday above.  These were my first two pages.  I had earlier done these, with some help, in the traditional way of scrapbooking.  So I copied those traditional scrapbooking pages almost exactly.  The turquoise strip is digital grosgrain ribbon.    If I did these pages again, I would use drop shadow on all the pictures and the ribbon, punches, etc.   These were done before I learned that!

Candi's birthday.  The borders and bows and asterisks are embellishments in the standard program.  After I saved these pages as jpeg I altered the border on the first page and took the red and blue borders off so that just the blocked happy birthday border remained so that it matched the border on the second page.

I made my own borders around these pictures on Trey and Candi's birthdays.  Pages below - some I used the photo mat -- and you can determine size and color of mat, and some I did not mat at all. 

Snow - April 13, 2010.  I took pictures two times that morning - at about 8:30 and when the sun came out about 10:30.   I got into trying to take some "artistic" pictures - I had been reading the photography section on http://www.thepioneerwoman.com/ .  The snowflakes are Stampin' Up! stamp images which I selected one of the Stampin' Up! colors.  One can also do a color match and match a color within one of the photos on the page.  The program uses whatever fonts you have on your computer when you type int he Text boxes.   I only have the standard fonts in Word and Wordperfect -- must go find some other fonts!

Christmas 2009.   I am putting this wording in here to separate the pictures.  I was trying to get the two page layout side by side, but the blog is not wide enough for that.  In the blog program, I had to go back and drop the right hand side page below the other one - otherwise it was 80% covered up when I looked at the actual blog entry.  Hopefully I get all the left and rights changed to top and bottom in my commentary here.  Above was was the lesson where I brought in a punch and filled it with designer series paper on the left.   The Merry Christmas and 2009 on the first picture are the ornaments on the second are exclusive Stampin' Up! images only available in this program.  As are the punch shapes on several of these pages. 

The "Daddy's Little Girl" picture on the top was a lesson I was working on where I brought in the oval punch and made it long and put it at the top and bottom of the picture and filled it with the same color as the sides.  That is how I got the curved top and bottom.  You gotta read the copy I put below the first picture of Candi and Earl dancing! 

Ok -- cross fingers, we're coming along pretty good here!  The brunch page above on the bottom is a lesson I was working on using the opacity button.   That's why you see the same photo but it gets lighter as I change the opacity.  Also notice the white stitching in the middle of the pink strip. 

Ok -- got Candi's wedding pages in here!  The punch on the bottom picture is filled with designer paper.  I've used a designer brad again to have something to put in what was a blank space in the top page.  I thought this background color matched Gail's dress pretty well.   I'm pretty sure I just used a standard SU! color rather than doing a color match. 

Notice the butterfly on Earl's beard in the top page!  I thought that was really cool!  And on my shirtsleeve in the middle of the bottom page.   I don't know if it will work, but try clicking on the picture and see if it will get bigger.  I tried it - it will get some bigger.  The buttons and the orange butterfly on the top page are Stampin' Up! elements in My Digital Studio.  You can bring in various punches and make them any color or any size you want.   You can bring in the buttons, one of a number of embellishments, and make them the color you want also.   You can change the size of the buttons a little, but if try to change too large, they will pixellate.  I've since learned how to position them better.  I was doing it by sight when I did these pages. 

And pictures of Trey and Inga's wedding.  She loved the shoe cake server (she likes shoes and she likes animal prints).  Trey had the groom's cake shaped like a laptop computer.  A challenge for the cake maker!    And picking up his cake after the rehearsal dinner was an adventure!  The cake maker lived way out in the middle of nowhere and we had to drive down several dirt roads to get there -- and back again with the cake.   Several VERY BUMPY dirt roads.  It's a miracle the cake stayed in one piece!   The topper on the wedding cake was the same topper that Inga's mom and dad had.  The heart is a punch I brought in, made the size I wanted it, and filled with red "cardstock." 

Notice Inga's wedding boots in the bottom page. 
And that's my first 20 digital scrapbooking pages!    Now to get inspired and do some more!

The satin ribbon/knot on the top picture is a digital download I bought and added to the program.  (There are a lot of elements (stamps, embellishments, designer paper, etc.) that come with the basic program and then one can buy add-on downloads of stamps, embellishments, designer paper, etc. at very reasonable costs.)  The heart above on the right side is the same punch used earlier, just used smaller. 

A great difference between My Digital Studio and making photo albums with other digital photo album programs is that one can use the stamps and embellishments (ribbon, buttons, hardware, eyelets, brads, etc.) to make the presentation more scrapbook like. 

One can also prepare the project in Multi-Media -- then you could have it printed as a bound photo album or as in my case, scrapbook 12 x 12" pages.   In Multi-Media you could also have your project  look like a photo album and one could "flip" the pages, but you could add narration, background music, and video  and burn it to a DVD and share it that way.  (Must have separate DVD Video Authoring Software to create a DVD video from individual movie files.)  I haven't played with the MultiMedia part yet -- I'm still learning the program - but I'm also looking back at some of my notes.

I can also save the scrapbook pages I did above (which I created in the photo album section) as jpeg photos and share them that way.   I sent Inga and Candi emails and attached the pictures of their wedding pages.  And that is how I was able to upload them to this blog. 

There are four sections -- photo albums (or scrapbook pages if you prefer to have them printed that way), cards, calendars, and multi-media.  There are five different sizes of photo albums from which to choose, 5 different sizes of cards, and 2 sizes of calendars.

All these pages came together pretty quickly.  I started on Friday morning and finished them and sent them to be printed at noon on Monday. And I did not work on them Friday night nor Saturday night nor Sunday morning.   I set all these layouts up from scratch.   The program does have already designed templates - complete templates with all the designer paper, embellishments, etc.  or  just plain photo layouts.   So if one is not into designing from scratch, one can use the already set up designs.   You can tell the program to place all the pictures in a project -- or you can determine where each picture goes.  Also -- if I particularly like some of the photo layouts I've done (if I use photo boxes which I've now learned to do), I can save the layouts I've done also as a template. 

Sunday, May 23, 2010

May Stamp Club Projects

May Stamp Club - May 1 and 3, 2010

All images and supplies are Stampin' Up!  The theme for the day was Circles, Circles, Circles!

Idea cased from traciac - posted on splitcoastampers January 30, 2010.  Stamp set changed. 
See her card here.
Bashful Blue and Whisper White cardstock.   Bashful Blue ink sponged on; image and sentiment stamped in Chocolate Chip.  Circle template cut out with Circle Scissors Plus.  Each person at Stamp Club received a circle template.  The template was placed over the white cardstock piece.  Then the daisy image was stamped.  Then Bashful Blue ink was sponged in the circle, concentrating particularly around the edges so the circle image would be defined.  
This was the favorite of all the cards we did that day.  And it's a Clean and Simple easy one too! 

Card cased from fionna51 on splitcoaststampers on September 5, 2009.   See her card here and her demo's card here

Soft Suede and Whisper White cardstock were run through the Big Shot with the Finial Press Embossing Folder.  Soft Suede cut horizontally, paying attention to the embossing.  Then marked on cardstock base how high up the Soft Suede piece would come.   Stamped Circle Circus set circles in Soft Suede ink, looking carefully at sample card for positioning.   Then punched 1" circles and 1 3/8" circles out of the embossed white cardstock - paying attention to the embossed design so that flowers got punched.  Glued those down.  Glued Soft Suede piece down.  Added Organdy ribbon. 

Card CASED from:  (Will edit post when find)  Melon Mambo cardstock and ribbon.  Finial Press embossing folder and Big Shot. 

A 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 piece of white cardstock was run through the Big Shot with the Finial Press embossing folder.   Then the envelope flap was traced onto the debossed side and cut out, then glued onto the envelope flap.   Some of the reading I did indicated if the flap itself was embossed, then the sticky part of the envelope would not stick to seal the envelope.   The envelope flap idea came from here.http://www.stampinpretty.com/video-embossing-envelope-flap.html.  She has other envelope flap ideas also.  Go to her main page http://www.stampinpretty.com/ and look on the left for the envelope flap ideas.

Slit punched edge and colors CASED from  gbarron - posted December 11, 2009.  See her card here.
Punches under sentiment idea CASED from darhm posted on April 16, 2010.  See her card here.

Below are the directions for how to do the edge on this card.  The directions at each station for the other cards are available also - just email me and I will send you the Word file with all four card pictures and directions. 

- On Real Red cardstock piece (card front size) – mark middle of long edge with pencil.

- Using Slit Punch upside down – position it so that the pencil marked middle is in center of slit punch. Slide cardstock all way up throat of punch. Punch. Work punch off cardstock carefully – may need to push punched piece back down some.

- Measure 1/8” to the right of the slit edge; mark with pencil. Position Slit Punch edge at that pencil mark and punch. Repeat this on both sides of original slit until whole edge has been punched.

- Fold under – almost folds itself.

- Slide white 1” x 5 ½” piece in between folds of red cardstock.

- Adhere white piece to red, being careful not to put adhesive where it will show through the holes.

- Adhere red layer to black layer.

- Punch black 1 ¾” circle.

- Punch red Wide Oval.

- Stamp sentiment in black ink from Think Happy Thoughts. Punch out with 1 3/8” circle punch.

- Stamp flower from Think Happy Thoughts in red ink. Punch out with ¾” punch.

- Adhere flower to middle of sentiment circle with Pop Up Glue Dots.

- Adhere to top front of card.

- Adhere to white card base.

- Stamp “Stamped By” and put name or initials on back.

These directions for the slit punch circle edge I learned from tutorials at http://http://www.gretchenbarron.typepad.com/ and http://www.createwithpaper.com/

Other Samples at May Stamp Club

These are other samples that I had made or pulled from my stash for May Stamp Club.   These went along with the theme Circles, Circles, Circles, except for the last one.  I pulled the Dad one since Father's Day is coming up soon. 

Cased from ByPatricia posted on SCS on August 28, 2009.  You can see her card here.
And also TrudyW posted on SCS February 2, 2010.  You can see her card here
I took elements from each that I liked - so this card is a combination of the two.

3 x 6" card.  Began with a 6" by 6" piece of Kraft cardstock which I scored at 3".  Then layered on Chocolate Chip and then Old Olive cardstock.  The stamp set is Circle Circus - which is quite versatile!   I liked this one because it showed something different - a topiary made with the stamp set and punches.  I punched the images, then punched them out with (from bottom), the    circle punch, the     circle punch, and the    circle punch.  I worked with a sample to get my flower pot like I wanted it - I folded the original one in half so the sides would be the same, then I traced it and cut another one out.  The folded template one I stuck on the top inside of the stamp set box.  I then put the tree trunk down and the pot and the circle shapes, positioned them and then glued them down. 

CASED from Karen Graff-Povis.  See her card on her blog here.  Scroll down to April 11, 2010. 
This is another card made using the Circle Circus set and punches.  The sentiment is from Well Scripted.   Cardstock is Whisper White and Melon Mambo.

CASED from jennae on SCS on February 16, 2010.  See her card here.

Stamp set is A Flower for All Sesons and sentiment set is Well Scripted.   Cardstock colors are Real Red, Whisper White, Brilliant Blue, and Yo Yo Yellow.   The circles, including the partial yellow one, were made with the Circle Scissors Plus.   I didn't have red polka dotted paper, so I printed that off from My Digital Studio - one of the Designer Series Papers in the program.  Also used is the Scallop Trim Punch.  The basket, bird, and flowers were colored using the ink pads (smoosh to get a "palette" of ink on the top) and blender pen.  Ribbon is just a short piece of Crushed Curry -- the perfect use for those 1 1/2 or 2" pieces you end up with sometimes after trimming.

CASED FROM: Can't find where I cased this card from.  Sorry - will come back and edit this post if I find it later. 
Sage Shadow and Sahara Sand.  Designer Series Paper - To the Nines.  Sentiment from Teeny Tiny Wishes.

The card above was made a while back.   I don't remember from whom I cased the idea, but I love it for its simplicity.

Just a circle cut with the Big Shot and the Clear Circle Die.   The top of the "ornament" is the Round Tab Punch in Brushed Gold Cardstock.  The round tab punch piece is folded in half. 

This card was done a while back also, so I don't have the information about who it was cased from.  Will come back and edit if I find it.   Stamp sets are Tart and Tangy and Curvy Verses.  Colors are Green Galore, Yo Yo Yellow, and Only Orange.


Not sure from whom I cased this card either.  Will edit if I find it.